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Kwasi & Victoria Appiah

Kevin & Emilce Briggs

 Merry Christmas to you, our cherished partner! 

We are sending you and your family our heartfelt wishes for peace, joy and His abundant provision this Holiday Season..

We are also writing to express our deepest thanks for your monthly donation to our ministry. Your generous gifts have provided the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission.
With your faithful financial contributions over the years, you have demonstrated your deep commitment to our work of sending the gospel to the unreached, train the youth for God’s work, and supporting brilliant, but poor students to school.




Blessings Kwasi Appiah Donation our behalf of our Church and missionary activities could be send to; FREEDOM GATE CHURCH 104 Tennis Centre Dr. Marietta, OHIO 45750 Phone: 740.373.0867
After 4 years of seemingly small successes and a number of what appeared to be failures at the time, we are finally starting to see some serious breakthrough here in San Juan, praise God!  Faithfulness is really all He asks of us... the end results really all depend on Him, and of course the response of those on the receiving end of ministry.
Many pastors have suggested to me that I start a church here where I am the pastor and I am in control.  But that's not what the Lord is speaking to me.  The vision He has given to me, as we wrote last month, is to serve and help strengthen all of the local churches here.  To do this we are launching both a business and a ministry together, working side-by-side to reach to transform this city.  The business is a multimedia production company, and the ministry will use our multimedia capabilities to help the local churches with their efforts to reach the city through radio, tv, internet and evangelistic events.  The idea is to help them attain a more Kingdom-minded focus, without losing momentum in their local churches.  And of course, prayer is the fuel that moves all of that...
The business will be focusing on web design, video production, Photography, graphic design and event organization.... an actual advertising agency with an in-house production company.
The ministry has the following list of projects under way, in some stage of action or development:
A major musical-theatre production that is 100% evangelism.  The name is "Lion of Judah" and the story is a modern rendition of the story of Job.
A new online TV show, "Nuevo San Juan" - each week we will put 3 pastors in front of the camera to talk about what they see that the Lord wants to do in San Juan to transform this city and prepare it for His coming...
Events and crusades... A few months ago, the local pastors really started responding to the call of the Lord to hold big evangelistic events in every department (like a county) in this province (like a state) and we are and will be right there helping in every way we can... videotaping, producing promotional ads, and of course not neglecting the spiritual side, in prayer and evangelism.
A 24-hour prayer center.  Speaks for itself... I personally go to the city center as often as I can to pray in a park in front of the gov't buildings, and I know others do as well.  It's time to take that to a higher level.
A Christian pub/TV studio -  We are partnering with a pastor and his wife who have opened a small restaurant/take-out outside of the city.  We are building it into a full restaurant with an outdoor stage for Christian artists and bands, as well as small theatrical productions with a Biblical message.  We already have 2 cameras and we are believing the Lord for 2 more.  
When winter hits in a couple of months, we'll see if the people want to brave the cold or if we'll have to move to another location.  I have told the pastors that they can come and preach here, but they must do it with creativity.  As an example, if they want to preach on something Paul wrote, they have to do it as an actor portraying him telling his story, giving us a dramatic background for the teachings.  Several pastors are excited about that.
By focusing 75% or 80% of our time on commercial projects through the business, plus time each month helping the pastors reach this city, we believe we have an excellent pattern for success that will produce more fruit for His Kingdom.  Further, Lord willing, this model should allow us to put 100% of the offerings and donations that come in, to go to the poor families and not to sustain us personally.  That is our desire.  As missionaries, my wife and I are both working professionals.  I'm already making money in the start-up of this business and my wife is a full-time nurse.  Our earnings are tiny here, yet we ARE NOT among the poor families.  We both make roughly 10% of what we would make doing the same work in the USA, but here, half of the population is MUCH poorer than we are.  Among that half of the population, it's almost as poverty-stricken here as Africa.  
Will you join us in giving to them?  Will you come down here for 10 or 12 days and personally help us reach these families?  Talk with the pastors if you sense the Lord calling you to come to Argentina on a mission trip or if you would like to support the ministry financially.   If your business or ministry is in need of a new website or promotional video, visit our website and contact me via email.
Your support has repeatedly played a key role in our success story and our Clinic/Hospital project, which is under construction. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your loyalty. We at Waves Of Glory Church are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like yourself who answer the call to give again and again.
It is our hope that this will help to communicate our very big thanks for your generosity. We look forward to a continuing partnership with you.
And now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy, bless, keep you,  and make His face shine upon you .Amen!
Kwasi &Victoria Appiah